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Technology Innovation

Auros Technology is the world’s leading provider of the most advanced technologies, assisting our valuable customers continually make innovation. As a technology oriented company, Auros Technology provides solutions to customers in metrology area of the semiconductor industry.
Auros Technology's headquarters and manufacturing factory is in Korea, and multiple sales and service centers provide customer support in Asian countries. With some 50 R&D engineers out of over 80 employees and 20 customers in different locations, Auros Technology has been making its own differentiation by collaborating with global R&D partners and customers since its establishment in 2009.

Business sector

Auros Technology is making a big commitment in becoming a leader in such metrology area as overlay measurement and pellicle/mask inspection. Based on a solid foundation of technical achievement and close collaboration with customers, our products are standing out in the market with remarkable performance within a very short period of time.

Overlay Metrology System

We provide state-of-the-art overlay metrology system together with quality service solutions, helping customers make better tactics for their fab operation.
Our overlay metrology products are operated in not only Korean chip makers’ sites, but also global fabs.

Pellicle/Mask Inspection System

Pellicle/Mask inspection system is an outgoing QC solution to pellicle manufacturers and incoming QC solution to mask manufacturers, captive shops and every site using pellicles. This system is powerful and an user friendly AOI equipment for finalized pellicle. Every inspection step is fully automated and has powerful various functions and high throughput.



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