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AUROS is originated from the word “Aurora” which means “dawn” and “the goddess of the dawn”. The name AUROS reflects the will of becoming the new light in metrology area of the semiconductor industry, just like the dawn brings the light of a new day. It shows the determination to become a global leader in this area as the only company in Korea developing and manufacturing overlay metrology systems.

The blue color expresses the blue of the early dawn, which symbolizes the endurance for the morning to come. The color of early dawn connotes a long wait and endurance for the morning, and a strong eagerness for the light as AUROS did. The letter “O” in AUROS also symbolizes the dynamic activities like aurora unlimitedly floating on the sky.

AUROS Technology is to continuously develop new technologies and apply them into the reality as a technology oriented company.

Font : Century gothic, Italic, Bold

Color code

  • CMYK : C 79%, M 33%
    RGB : R 0, G 141, B 208
    Code : #008dd0
    307C(Pantone color)
  • CMYK : C 39%, M 28%, Y 23%
    RGB : R 161, G 168, B 178
    Code : #a1a8b2
    429(Pantone color)


반도체 계측/검사장비Software Engineer