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The OL-300nw is a metrology system that can accurately measure the alignments between very tiny pads and bumps of different sizes in the wafer level packaging and TSV process, which are new packaging technologies. This system is dedicated to improve productivity with its ability to accurately detect height differences between previous and current layers as well as the function of optic CD measurement. In addition, this equipment is highlighting remarkably high throughput levels that outperform other SEMs by a large margin.


  • High precision
  • High resolution pattern recognition
  • High system reliability
  • Data analysis tool (EUREKA)
  • High throughput
  • Low CoO (Cost of Ownership)


  • Metrology for Wafer Level Packaging(WLP) process
  • Bump & uBump overlay metrology
  • CD measurement
  • Data analysis and management
  • 300mm (12”) wafers in semiconductor fabs

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