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AUROS Technology’s unique and advanced optical designs and image processing technologies allow users to measure the critical dimensions(CD) of objects of different sizes up to the ultimate optical measurement limit of 0.5 um in a very quick and accurate way. The OL-300nw also guarantees the highest level of repeatability and reliability. These technologies can be applied not only to BEOL processes, such as TSV, wafer level packaging and the like, but also to other processes for managing narrow line widths such as FPD, MEMS etc.

CD Measurement & Bumping Inspection System

Our multi-purpose advanced optical metrology and inspection systems for the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Packaging, IC Substrates, and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industries address the specific needs of customers with advanced imaging technologies. Customers can monitor their production processes and enhance yield.

  • Accurate CD instruments with line width standards
  • Real-time Auto-focusing system
  • CD & Overlay Metrology in the same recipe
  • Bump Inspection
  • Proprietary spatial filtering
  • Optics alignment techniques


  • Customized design and modification
  • High system reliability
  • Data analysis tool (EUREKA)
  • Low CoO (Cost of Ownership)


  • Semiconductor manufacturing & packaging
  • Bump height from top to bottom
  • MEMS - Inkjet
  • LCD
  • LED
  • IC - Substrates

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