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AUROS introduces the newly developed overlay metrology system for the fabs of 150mm/200mm wafer process. As a provider of overlay metrology tool, AUROS has already fully proven 300mm wafer fabs to Asian customers and developed the brand new OL-100n, which has the same technology as other OL series (OL-700n/600n/300n) for 300mm wafer fabs. As this system is brand new, OL-100n has many advantages such as high throughput, better accuracy, useful functions, parts/service support etc. Auto Recipe Optimization (ARO) is to help users create recipe in auto mode. ARO manager is a useful SW that helps easily copy current recipes in other tools into OL-100n without any efforts and taking long time. On top of these advantages, this brand new system provides various features and values.

Specifications and configurations


  • Brand New 6/8” Overlay Metrology System
  • Highest throughput (MAM 1.5 sec)
  • Auto Recipe Optimization (ARO)
  • Easy recipe creation and management (ARO manager – recipe conversion tool)
  • Low Cost of Ownership (CoO)
  • Protection bracket for earthquake
  • Small footprint
  • OS : Windows 7

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