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AUROS introduces the newly developed overlay/CD metrology system for the fabs of 150mm/200mm wafer process. As a provider of overlay/CD metrology tool, AUROS has already fully proven 300mm wafer fabs to Asian customers and developed the brand new OL-100n, which has the same technology as that of other models (OL-700n/600n/300n) for 300mm wafer fabs. As this system is brand new, OL-100n has many advantages such as highest throughput, better accuracy, useful functions, parts/service support etc. Especially, it has excellent throughput compared to other competitors (old models or even new models).Auto Recipe Optimization (ARO) is to help users create recipe in auto mode. ARO manager is a useful SW (recipe conversion tool) that helps copy current recipes easily in other tools into OL-100n. On top of these advantages, this brand new system provides various features and values.

Specifications and configurations


  • Brand New 6/8” Overlay Metrology System
  • Highest throughput (MAM 1.5 sec)
  • Auto Recipe Optimization (ARO)
  • Easy recipe creation and management (ARO manager – recipe conversion tool)
  • Low Cost of Ownership (CoO)
  • Protection bracket for earthquake
  • Small footprint
  • OS : Window 7

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