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Overlay Metrology System for 300mm wafer
AUROS Technology has just released the latest model of overlay metrology system to satisfy the needs of our customers. As the technology node is getting smaller and the margin of process control is tighter, it is getting difficult for customers to cope with accuracy, process management, productivity, and etc. In order to provide the best solutions for accuracy, yield enhancement, fab operation, and productivity.


  • Best accuracy & Yield improvement
  • High precision & throughput
  • High resolution pattern recognition
  • Accurate Overlay control (AOC)
  • Process monitoring
  • Data analysis tool (EUREKA)
  • Auto Recipe Optimization (ARO)
  • ARO manager (recipe converter)


  • Overlay metrology for high-end process devices (up to 1y nm nodes)
  • Measurement for FEOL/MEOL/BEOL
  • Date analysis and management
  • 300mm(12") wafers in semiconductor fabs

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